How Many Of These Movies By Female Directors Have You Seen?

You've seen 77 out of 176 films!

You enjoy your female-directed movies and aren't afraid to shout it out. While there are still women filmmakers whose works you've yet to get to, it's just a matter of time.

Interestingly, I've seen none of the early films, most of the 90's through early 2000s and only maybe a third of the more recent ones although several are in my ever growing Netflix queue. And there were a few I didn't check that seemed familiar but I couldn't recall watching them (Diane Keaton's Hanging Up is one example) or ones I only watched maybe 15minutes of (I'm talking about you Twilight).

My recommendations if you haven't seen them (oh, I want to list so many)...

Waitress (which is so charming it makes me want to join team pie #TeamCakeForever) and Fish Tank.